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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a Zero Gravity massage?
The capsule has a feature that positions you in what is called zero gravity. This means your feet will be slightly above your heart during the massage session. It naturally follows the shape of your spine and supports the decompression of your back. This position is optimal for blood circulation.

Q: What is the difference between Venus and Mars Suites?
A: Venus and Mars are simply the names of the Suites. Each one has 2 capsules, ideally for 2 people, or a couple, but they are also available for 1 person. The reason they are named Venus and Mars is a play on Men are from Mars and Women from Venus. Throughout the facility, you may see space-inspired decor. 

Q: Will someone be in the suite the whole time during the session?
A: Once you're inside the suite an introduction of the capsule's features will be presented. The capsule will be configured by the attendant to ensure you are comfortable before the attendant exits the suite. Please be sure to communicate to the attendant any discomfort you may have before they leave.

Q: Will someone touch me during the massage?
The massage capsule will provide the massage through rollers and airbags. No person will touch you during your massage session.

Q: Will these sessions help address my knots, pain, etc?
A: These are relaxation sessions, while there is a massage component to the session we do not provide medical massages that specifically address any ailments. It is advised you speak with a medical professional if you have any concerns.

Q: What should I wear?
Ideally, soft comfortable clothing. Sweet pants, joggers, etc. Avoid jeans, belts, etc.

Q: I am claustrophobic, will I enjoy this?
The capsule provides the massage from the neck and pass the glutes. You will not be enclosed as the capsule is open at all times. You have access to stop the session at any time. Past clients have mentioned that due to the aromatherapy, sounds, and overall ambiance, they simply fall asleep and not experience the phobia at all.

Q: How often are your capsules cleaned?
We take health concerns very seriously. Our capsules are sanitized before and after every session by hand with environmentally friendly products that sanitize (kills 99.99% of germs) hot spots throughout the capsule. The products we use also incorporate eucalyptus to not leave any strong scent. We are also now asking customers to sanitize their hands prior to entering the capsule as an extra layer of protection.

Q: What kind of massage should I expect?
The capsule delivers the massage through kneading, tapping, kneading/tapping combo, and shiatsu. The intensity levels range from 1 to 5. All sessions start at level 1 and can be increased per request. The capsule also has over 20 massage programs that provide variety with focuses on certain body parts to maximize relief.

Q: Are these chairs like the ones in the mall?
A: Our massage capsules are high-tech and include AI (Artificial Intelligence) to personalize your experience. From the full-body scanning to the various massage options that include massage area isolation, intensity, massage types, depth, speed, and massage variation programs that support the relief of various specific areas of the body. The capsules, also include features that may not be available in "mall chairs", such as heat therapy, leg stretching, arm massage, calf massage, spine movement, foot and ankle rollers, zero gravity , and yoga stretch to name a few.

Q: Are there height and weight limits?
The capsule can accommodate people up to 6ft 2in in height and up to 320lbs. Those are the ideal limits. People under 5ft will still be able to experience a back massage, but certain areas like the legs, calves, and feet may not get exposed enough to massage those areas. We have had people as tall as 6ft 5in. In those cases, they will still experience a back massage, but certain areas like the leg and calf may not get exposed enough to massage those areas.

Q: Do you host larger parties for events?
We have hosted several events, with up to 40 people. For information on hosting an event please contact Carlos at 469-901-1543.

Have More Questions?
Please do not hesitate to contact as directly at

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